Paver Patio & Walkway Installation
From Landscape Connection

Pavers are an excellent and cost-effective way to create a unique and customized patio for your yard. At Landscape Connection, we are experts at designing outdoor spaces to complement your home and expand your home to the outdoors


Pavers are manufactured stones that are designed to fit perfectly together. They’re made of brick or cement and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and finishes. They are pre-fabricated to fit together to create symmetric or geometric shapes and patterns. Pavers are also great to use in walkways because they can be easily placed and laid.


Pavers are available in both natural and man-made materials. Patio pavers are typically made of cement, brick or compressed stones and are formed into uniform shapes. They come in a variety of thicknesses (for varying climates), colors and finishes. Some pavers even have patterns pressed into the top of the stone for more design interest.

Brick pavers are clay that has been dried in a kiln. This creates a very strong, long lasting material that retains its shape and color overtime. They are typically more expensive than other paver options and have few color options because of the clay material they’re made of.

Cement pavers are poured cement that can come in many different colors, sizes, shapes, finishes and stamped patterns. One of cement pavers’ biggest advantages is that there are so many design options to create a truly unique patio. Depending on material, they are not as durable as other stones and may be subject to color fade or erosion – sealing the stones can help slow down this process.

Benefits & Considerations
of Paver Patios & Walkways

– Endless design opportunities with color and texture
– Layouts can be customized to create unique shapes and patterns using different color or sized stones
– Slip resistant finishes make for excellent poolside patios
– Simple to install and easy to repair individual stones if they need to be replaced

Patio Pavers also come with some considerations that make them less favorable than other types of patio materials.

– Maintenance is needed to seal the pavers to prevent erosion and color fade
– Because they’re not solid pieces of stone, pavers are prone to cracking or other weather-related damage

Installing Cement
or Brick Paver Patios

Because they are easy to install and customize, patio pavers are an excellent choice for budget-conscious homeowners.

Like flagstone, pavers are laid on a flat surface but do not need to be laid on top of a cement pad. Instead, they are laid on level ground that is usually covered with plastic sheeting, drainage material, stamped gravel or road base.

There are a few options for laying the stones. They can either be laid directly next to each other or spread apart and jointed – similar to tile. There are also some stones designed to be interlocked to limit the need for any type of ground fill. Polymeric sand is used in between and below the stones to help bind the base material when it rains. This is to help prevent any future movement or heaving of stones.

If a stone is damaged or the ground below shifts, the pavers are easily removed and replaced. One of the greatest benefits of pavers is that they are individual pieces and repairs are easy and inexpensive compared to replacing an entire piece of a larger stone or cement pad.


If you’re ready to add a customized patio to your home, contact Landscape Connection today. We will work within your budget and yard to create a beautiful paver patio that perfectly complements your home and landscaping.


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