Flagstone Patio & Walkway Installation
from Landscape Connection

Landscape Connection is Denver’s top choice for flagstone patio design and installation. Flagstone patios are durable and long-lasting while maintaining a naturally beautiful look. With over 30 years experience, we are experts at creating flagstone patios that perfectly complement your home and garden.


Flagstone is a type of natural stone that is cut into flat slabs. The stone is typically sandstone, slate, limestone, travertine, or bluestone and comes in a variety of naturally occurring patterns and colors.

The slabs can be cut into regular shapes like squares or rectangles or it can be broken up into more natural looking, randomized shapes. The versatility in how flagstone is installed is one of it’s advantages – it can either be laid wet or dry.

Benefits of Flagstone
for Patios & Walkways

Aside from it’s stunning looks, flagstone has other functional benefits as well.

– Because of the spacing in between stones, any water or rain will be absorbed into the ground, rather than sit on top or run off to nearby low land.

– The stone itself is very durable and requires little maintenance

– It’s slip resistant when wet which is valuable for pool decks.

– Allows for more customized looks because the individual stones can be customized to fit.

Flagstone Patios
& Walkway Installation

Flagstone installation is a skill that requires an expert craftsman because of the nature of the stone. A designer will work with you to define the space and pick out individual stone pieces. Some designs use large pieces or could use smaller pieces to create a mosaic look. Each piece can be customized and cut to size.

Before construction begins, the installation team preps the area by leveling off the patio space.

Flagstone can be laid either wet or dry offering more options for design. Wet installation means that each stone is mortared directly on top of a cement pad. This is similar to how tile is grouted. Dry installation means that the stones are laid on top of a compacted foundation and the space between stones is filled with loose stone like pea gravel, or organic materials like grass or moss. Stones may eventually have to be leveled if the ground below moves or heaves during the winter.

The joints (spaces between stones) are set and secured using polymeric sand. This is a material that binds when wet so if it rains, your base material doesn’t wash away or shift. We do this to ensure the lifespan of your patio.


If you’re ready to build or redesign your patio and walkways, consider the longevity and versatility of flagstone. The experts at Landscape Connection will help design and install a beautiful patio that extends the beauty of your home outdoors. Contact us today for a design consultation.


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