Custom Gas Fire Pits
Installed in Denver by Landscape Connection

Imagine enjoying a relaxing fall evening, surrounded by the warmth of fire in the comfort of your own backyard. Adding a custom fire pit is an excellent way to get more use and enjoyment out of your home’s outdoor space. The experienced team at Landscape Connection can design and build an outdoor fire pit space that perfectly complements the rest of your home and can be used all-year round in Denver.


Installing a stone fire pit is a unique feature that can add life to your patio and landscaping. The professionals at Landscape Connection will create a beautiful custom gas fire pit so you can enjoy your outdoor space all year.

The first step in installing a fit pit is to create a base for the fire pit and surrounding area. This can typically be an existing patio or loose stone area. If you’ve just started your landscaping project, we will build a patio area for the fire pit that integrates with the rest of your yard. This includes space for the fire pit and chairs and furniture.

The next step is to build the fire pit. We will use specific heat resistant stone or brick that is hand selected to match your patio space and the exterior of your home. The stones are laid by hand, again using heat-resistant materials. The pit is properly lined and insulated to ensure it’s safe.

The final step in creating a gas fire pit is hooking up a fuel source. If you already have a natural gas line in your home, we can hook the fire pit directly up to that source. With the help of your local utility company, we can extend the gas line to reach the fire pit. If the natural gas is inconveniently located or if your home doesn’t have access, we can also install an external propane tank. Just like a grill, your fire pit can be fueled by propane. The fire pit is designed to house the tank itself so it’s invisible.


– Adding a fire pit to your yard and landscaping means that you add value to your home and can enjoy your outside space nearly all year round.

– Fire pits can blend effortlessly with your existing outdoor structurespatio or landscaping design.

– Winter in Denver can be mild at times so having the ability to warm up your outside space means you don’t have to stay inside on those temperate winter days. Not to mention, who doesn’t love fresh s’mores at a moment’s notice?

– Gas fire pits are cleaner than wood-burning fire pits. Because you don’t have to deal with the hassle of wood and cleaning up ashes, gas is ideal for backyards. It also burns cleaner, is less odorous and is better for the environment.

– Gas fire pits are also very easy to use. It can quite literally be just the touch of a button to create a warm glow. Putting it out is also easy, just a push of that same button. This means there are no safety issues with burning embers.


If you want to add warmth to your yard and patio, consider adding a custom gas fire pit. Contact the team at Landscape Connection for a design consultation today.


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