Custom Landscape Design Services

You’ve worked to make the inside of your home beautiful and functional for your family, now it’s time to make the outside just as stunning!

Landscape Connection is Denver’s premier choice for custom landscape design. We have been in the landscape design and construction business for over 30 years. Our team of designers and installers provides the best in customer service in Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Castle Pines and all throughout Southern Metro Denver. Our team of designers and installers will help to make the outside of your home just as beautiful as the inside.

Our landscape design offerings include plants, grasses, stone patios and complete structures. What can we create to turn your yard into an oasis?

Bring your yard to life with our custom landscape designs. Whether you love your existing layout and want to add more life to your outdoor space or want a complete redesign including infrastructure like a patio and fire pit, the team at Landscape Connection will create a cohesive design you will absolutely love.

Softscaping & Xeriscaping

Softscapes | Landscape Design Services | Landscape Connection

Our designers can work within your existing layout to create a more cohesive or beautiful yard. We take into consideration maintenance levels, sun exposure, and ground and soil type to create a softscape, xeriscape or combination design that flows with the rest of your yard and home. We can make recommendations on not only placement and location but also types of plants to match color schemes and that will be lush and beautiful all year round. ound.

Hardscaping & Stone Patios

Hardscaping | Landscape Design Services | Landscape Connection

If your home is new or you haven’t put time into your landscaping yet, then hardscaping might be the perfect way to add depth and use to your outdoor space. Through the use of walkways, pavers or even full patios, our designers will create a new outdoor space that takes the exterior of your home to a new level. We will work within your existing footprint and lot line to create a cohesive space that is both functional and beautiful.

Outdoor Kitchens & Firepits

Outdoor Kitchens | Landscape Design Services | Landscape Connection

Enjoy the beautiful Colorado weather with extra outdoor living space. Our team of designers will extend your home’s living space with custom outdoor kitchens or grilling areas, and firepits. We’ll create a space that seamlessly blends your home’s interior with your exterior landscaping and that your family can use throughout the year.

Outdoor Lighting & Water Features

Outdoor Lighting | Landscape Design Services | Landscape Connection

Once we’ve created a beautiful plant-filled oasis in your yard, we can add even more dimension with customized outdoor lighting and water features. Lighting can add depth for both day and night and create a relaxing ambiance. Water features will add extra movement and motion to your design to create a truly unique experience. Our designers are experts at creating an overall experience when it comes to landscaping design and outdoor spaces.

How your yard and landscaping design will flow with the rest of your beautiful home

Our team of designers and installation professionals will work with you from the very beginning to meet your needs in terms of functionality and will create a cohesive design that will match the rest of your home and exterior space.

Working with your existing Yard & Home

After you contact Landscape Connection, our team will begin the design process with an on-site consultation. We’ll visit your home so we can get an in-person look at your existing home exterior, landscaping layout (including soil type & sun exposure) and hear from you, first-hand, what you’re looking for in your new exterior space.

The Installation Team

Once you have approved each element of the design, our expert installation team gets to work. Our project manager will be onsite to manage all aspects of construction and landscaping. With a knowledge of both landscaping and design, our team of professionals will execute an outdoor space that will last your home and family for years to come.

The Design Process

Once we know what your priorities are in terms of space, layout and maintenance, our team will begin sketches. This way you can visualize the new design’s layout and see what the new landscape elements will look like.

We consider the entire project when we create our designs- they are cohesive and will be an extension of the rest of your home. Depending on the level of maintenance required, we chose plants that are suited for the sun exposure of your yard and your soil type. This is to ensure that our custom designs last for seasons to come.

Design consistency goes beyond just the softscaping and xeriscaping but we also make sure that all permanent elements like walkways, patios, fire pits and outdoor kitchens, are an extension of your home and will act as extra living space for you to enjoy your beautiful outdoor oasis.

Learn about our team of professional designers and expert installers who will create your custom outdoor space

Landscape Connection has been designing Denver yards and exterior spaces for over 30 years. With backgrounds in design and horticulture, our designers have an eye for both beautiful, functional design and an extensive knowledge in landscaping, and Colorado-specific plants and gardening. You can learn more about our team here.

What to do next if you’re ready for a new landscape design

If you’re ready to begin redesigning your landscaping and exterior spaces, contact our team right away. Even if it’s off-season, we can begin planning your design to be constructed once springtime rolls around.

We will begin the assessment process and by working with you to create the custom landscape design your beautiful home deserves. We will work within your timeline and budget to make sure that you have a new landscaping design and outdoor space to enjoy in the Summertime and all year long.